Saturday, November 1, 2008

sweet bliss

Well if you were wondering if my kids enjoyed trick-or-treating, this photo pretty much says it all, eh?

And now the moment we've been waiting Halloween blog candy winners are (chosen by

#23 whoistracy
Comment: I hope you and your kids have fun tonight! My favorite costume was probably last year. Hubby & I dressed up as Obi Won Kenobi & Padme Amidala for Star Wars for a costume wedding. What a blast that was!

#13 scrappycandy (oooh a spooky number!)
Comment: That card was tooooo funny! So, I remember dressing up as a scarecrow with straw stuffed inside and everything..then my neighbor made me SING for my treat (sheesh!)

#29 Carla
Comment: I used to love to dress as a sexy vampire, back when I still had the figure for it! Ah, those were the days!

...I hear ya on that one sistah.

Congrats! that "Say hello" link over there on the right and send me your mailing address for your Spooked! stamp set.

I hope everyone had a wonderfully spooky Halloween!


Lori Craig said...

How incredibly sweet (no pun intended!). I laughed out loud.

wendyp said...

thats a cute photo!!! thats pretty much my kids today, lol!

whoistracy said...

Oh how fun! I emailed you- hope you got it. Thanks again for this amazing giveaway.

And what a good picture of your little one- isn't every kid in heaven on Halloween?

Rose Ann said... cute!! Congrats to the candy winners!!