Sunday, February 10, 2008

we're here!

Today was day #1 at CHA and it's been just lovely. Our stamps are getting such a GREAT response from the crowd, it's so exciting and rewarding. We just love that we are making a product that so many other crafters like us are having such a fun time using. I love this hobby (I know you do too!)

I can't believe how quickly the time is flying by! We got our booth set up on Friday. Saturday we put some finishing touches on the booth...including some improptu swags we made out of curtains from Target after discovering the curtains behind our booth were a not-pretty shade of bright red. Disaster averted and our swags look lovely! We then spent the day at Disneyland, whoo hoo! We kept having this incredible luck at Disneyland. We were on Space Mountain and they *forgot* to let us off the ride. I'm not kidding! So we got to go twice in a row. ha! And then we were in the hour-long line for Splash Mountain and one of the cast members decided they liked us and gave us fast passes, so we got on the ride in about 5 minutes. It was a good omen! Here's a shot of me with Zena and Joslyn.

Later that night we went to the SCS Cupcake Reception and met the SCS peeps! It was so much fun being able to *finally* put a face to many of the people we talk with online. We met a few of our Design Team gals...Lori Craig, Sherry and Jeanne (and those two were just as fun and crazy as I imagined they would be!) and we met Kim and the team from My Favorite Things and of course Sarah and Jenn from SCS. Somehow I missed Daven but he stopped by our booth today as well as LOTS of other SCS'ers! We met a lot of our retailers and folks from the craft magazines and owners of other companies....there are really too many to even list. We were running into fellow stampers all over the place, it was like a stamping high-school reunion where we hadn't seen each other for years. (And in our case, we had never seen *most* people other than their avatars!) What fun!

Here's a picture of our sales team in our booth. Looking forward to tomorrow!


Rose Ann said...

Fun, fun, fun!! Thanks for sharing your pictures and stories!! (Woo hoo about the Disney rides too!)

Can't wait for more tidbits!!

Bee said...

Oh your booth looks really lovely!! :-) I wish I could be there and visit you guys!! :-)

Glad you're having such a good time! :-)

Simonne said...

Sounds like a blast! The swags in the back ground look great! Way to be resourceful (I think it's a Mom thing) :)

the scrappy chick said...

Sounds like tons of fun! I'm glad you're getting such a great response from everyone, but not at all suprised :)

liannallama said...

congrats! your booth looks fab!