Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Anniversary Giveaway!

Wow! It's hard to believe that I've been married for almost 10 years! We've been planning an anniversary vacation that we can hardly wait for! In honor of my 10th wedding anniversary, I will be giving away one Lizzie Anne Designs- Gettin' Hitched stamp set. This fun set will go to whoever comes the closest to guessing my anniversary date. So, guess away and check back Thursday to see if you are the lucky winner or not. Also, be sure to go and check out the Lizzie Anne Designs website on Thursday as well. We will have our new Project of the Month up which is featuring...Gettin' Hitched!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Girl Time!

I'm off to the beach in Newport, Oregon this weekend for a Girls Weekend...a family Girls weekend! All the girls on my Mom's side of the family are getting together at a beach house we've rented. We've never done this before...I'm excited! I've never been to Newport either so that will be fun.

I want to bring cardmaking stuff on the trip with me for us all to play with, but I fear if I try to bring it all that there will be no room in the car for my luggage (or me, for that matter ;) so I'm choosing one stamp set to bring with me and coordinating supplies. And what better set to choose for a beach trip than the Shore Thoughts set of course! We can all make a few beach-themed cards as we're looking out over the ocean...doesn't that sound like the perfect weekend? Ahhhhh. I can hardly wait.

This card is one I had made for our last newsletter and I've been wanting to try some different variations with it. Maybe a "white" sandy beach. I just love the idea of making a little beach scene on a card! :)

Be back Wednesday!

(By the way, I'm making a special announcement on Wednesday so check back!)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Perfect Card for a 4-Year-Old Boy

I make this card all the time. Ethan, my four-year-old son, insists that we make a card to go to with the presents that we give at birthday parties for his little buddies...this Loads of Fun stamp is perfect for that. They love the dump truck, the colors, and of course, the cool tire tracks--which were made by dragging one of Ethan's toy trucks across my black ink pad and rolled right on to the card! Ethan loves to watch me do that, he thinks it's hilarious.

My only advice is, if you use the toy-truck-wheels-across-the-ink-pad technique, make sure you wipe off the tires before giving the truck back to your child. Otherwise you may also have little tire tracks all over your child, his/her bedroom walls, or worse. (Don't ask me how I know that. ;)

Monday, July 23, 2007


I received this cute flower baby blanket as a gift from a friend (see photo). I was making a Thank You card to give to my friend for the blanket, and thought our Power Flowers stamp looked a lot like the flowers on the blanket, so how perfect would it be to use that on the card?! I love how it turned out! I finally got the slit punch from Stampin Up that I've been seeing so many stampers use lately...I read a tutorial on Julia's blog about making a scallop edge with this punch and so this card uses that technique. I love this card...it's one of those cards I'm going to have a hard time actually giving away instead of adding it to my stash, ha ha. It is a "custom" Thank You card though (with the matching blanket flowers and all) so I guess I'll have to part with it.

Stamps: Power Flowers , Sketched Sentiments, and Shapes and Stitches
Ink and Cardstock: Purely Pomegranate and Soft Sky- Stampin Up
Ribbon: Soft Sky - Stampin Up

Speaking of "parting with cards"...I'm wondering how many of you make cards to actually give to people and how many of you make them for your own personal card stash :) I have to admit, I have a basket-full of cards I've made that I have no intention of ever parting with. My family thinks that's really funny (that I'd make a birthday card, for example, and never give to anyone for their birthday. ;) What do you usually do with your cards once you make them?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Meridith!

It's Meridith Anne's birthday today...yaaay! Now she's as old as I am (I won't say what that number is, ha ha.)

Meridith told me this morning she's going to be giving away a gift to someone in honor of her birthday, so make sure to check out her blog!

Lizzie Anne Stamps on this card:
Happy Birthday Set
"M" stamp from Trade Gothic
Power Flowers Stamp (on the side of the M)
Kiwi Crush Cardstock from Bazzill
Groovy Guava and Purely Pomegranate cardstock from Stampin Up
Certainly Celery and Purely Pomegranate ink from Stampin Up
Certainly Celery ribbon from Stampin Up

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let's Meet for Coffee!

Doesn't this card just make you want to go and get a nice grande skinny double pump sugar free decaf vanilla latte? (obviously I'm living in Seattle here, ha ha!) Yes, this would be my favorite drink. Luckily the baristas at my local Starbucks know me well enough that I don't have to repeat that order every time. Though sometimes I go crazy and leave out the "skinny" part. Oh yes.

And I have a confession, I LOVE Starbucks!!!! They have cool design, what can I say? And as a designer I can appreciate that. It's true. Plus the coffee is good. Luckily, since I do live in Seattle, there just happen to be a Starbucks, oh, on every freakin corner! I used to work downtown and it was so funny, we had a Starbucks about one minute away from the Smith Tower building where I worked that we used to go to, and then we ended up getting Starbucks in our building too. I guess they figured this way we'd only have to take the elevator to get there and save us that one minute walk out the building to the other Starbucks. ha ha. The crazy thing is that they are ALWAYS busy...it doesn't matter that you can find 5 Starbuck cafe's within a mile radius. They must be doing something right! (Hey I'm not complaining!)

Anyways, back to my card sample.... This is a great card to send to a friend. The sentiment reads "Coffee, Mocha, or Latte, Tall, Skinny, or Grande, I like you your way!" And I'm sure all my fellow Seattle-ites and/or coffee lovers can appreciate the sentiment ;)

Stamps: Simply Singles Latte Cup and Latte Saying, and Little Bits So Swirly
Cardstock: Stampin Up Close to Cocoa
Ink: Stampin Up Close to Cocoa and Chocolate Chip
Punch: Marvy Uchida Giga Scalloped Oval and Mega Oval

Monday, July 16, 2007

Another Notebook

Another notebook for my friend Dawn's birthday...I'm lovin these! I've got to start making them for myself now! :)
Stamps: Daisy Dots
Paper: Crate
Flower: Making Memories
Chipboard D: Chatterbox
Ink: Stampin Up Close to Cocoa and Ruby Red
Notebook: One I found and stole from my husbands office (gee I hope he didn't need that... he he.)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Birthday Flowers

My sister loves the Simply Singles Birthday Flowers stamp because it kind of "designs" the card for you. Just ink it up and dress it up a bit and it's ready to go! The sentiment is the Happy Birthday image from the Sketched Sentiments set. And those are purple staples I found at the grocery store!

I'm organizing this weekend...I can't wait! I finally found a storage solution for my ribbon and something else I've done is bought a little storage cabinet to put by my dining room table to store some of my cardmaking supplies. I have my huge stash of craft supplies up in my loft upstairs, but I usually end up dragging it all downstairs to use the bigger table we have down there, so I'm going to keep some of the supplies I use the most in this little cabinet so I don't have to keep dragging it up and down the stairs all the time! Last time I made cards my "stuff" was sitting on that table for 5 days...luckily it was warm so I just made my family go outside to sit down and eat on the patio table, ha ha. I think this will really help. And thanks to my friend Zena for the suggestion...excellent idea! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thank You Card #3

This is the third Thank You card I made last weekend! I experimented with my Prisma Color markers in the center of the sunflower image. It's a fun, sunny-looking card.

Stamps: Little Bits Shapes and Stitches and Simply Singles Sunflower
Cardstock: Bazzill Smoothies -Pineapple Bliss
Punches: Giga Scalloped Circle and Mega Circle

Speaking of sun, it was 104 degrees here in Duvall, WA yesterday. I was dying!!! Most Washington homes do not have air conditioning and mine is no exception, so it was about 90 *inside* my house. We were so hot last night...my poor kids were just lying there on the bed with me wide awake at midnight because we couldn't sleep. Oddly enough it's 30 degrees cooler today!!! Crazy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thanks for the Thank You!

Every once in awhile we get a Thank You card from the customers who use our stamps, and I can't tell you how much we appreciate that! We love to know that our customers enjoy using our stamps as much as we enjoy designing them! This card arrived this week from Jenn Fontaine in Canada. Isn't it adorable? It's using the ever popular Jolies Fleurs set. Thanks Jenn!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thank You Card #2

This is a simple, yet fun card designed with the Daisy Dots set. This card was so cute and easy to do that I mass produced these and will be sending them to a bunch of people.

I've also discovered the Bazzill "Smoothie" line of cardstock...ooooooh how I love this cardstock! It's perfect for cardmaking--the right smoothness, the right weight, vibrant colors, yummy!!! The cardstock names are even fun...all ice-creamy names. I love it so much that I've decided we need to sell it in our online store...you can find it here. Meridith and I have actually been adding a lot of our favorite cardmaking products to our online store (enablers, I know! :)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Thank You Card #1

I made three thank you cards this weekend...here's the first one. This one is using our Funky Floral Set and a little bit of patterned paper from Crate Paper. I've been taking some cues from our Design Team...I didn't used to stamp on top of patterned paper but I've seen some of the girls doing this and I really like how it looks! I think almost every project I've made this week I've stamped on patterned paper (see scrapbook page below!)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Little Miss Samantha

One of the pages that I did at scrapnight last night....

Stamps: Jolies Fleurs and Samantha
Paper: Basic Grey (Baby Girl)

Made some cute thank you cards too...will post soon!

Friday, July 6, 2007

I Love July!

The weather is SOOOO nice here in Seattle right now, it's going to be about 75 degrees all week! Whoo hoo...perfect! I adore summers in Seattle. This card uses images from the Celebrations II and the Shore Thoughts sets...

Another great thing about today...it's Scrapnight with my scrapbooking/cardmaking club girls---double whoo hoo! :) I am so in the mood. I've got to get my photos ready! Tonight I'm scrapbooking the first photos of my baby girl and starting her new album, and I'm making thank you cards because I'm still receiving baby gifts that need thank yous!

I have this great group of friends who I scrapbook/stamp with. Some I've known for years and others I met when I owned my store. My sister and I formed this club about 3 years ago and we meet the first Friday of every month...it's so much fun! We also do a yearly retreat on Whidbey Island. Here's a photo of us on one of our retreats (I'm in the pink shirt.) These girls have also been so supportive of me and my stamp company, some of them even helped us run our booth at CHA. Hugs to my scrap-groupies!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Unique As a Seashell

My son is at the beach today...without me! Whaaaaa! He is camping at Klaloch, Olympic National Park, with his grandparents today. We usually go every year, but unfortunately we felt it was going to be a little too chilly to attempt to take our 2-month old baby camping so soon, so Ethan had to go without us. Oh well, in a year or two Samantha and Ethan will both be out there on the beach gathering seashells together, and won't that be cute?!!

So I made this seashell card with the Shore Thoughts set in honor of my favorite place to camp...it's truly as "unique" as a seashell. And by the way, if you haven't been to the beaches at Olympic National Park in Washington I highly recommend them. They aren't warm beaches like in California or Florida, but on a sunny day it's a little piece of heaven. I did a scrapbook page of our trip there last year that is in our Sketchbook (the layout towards the bottom with the PLAY title...)

Speaking of Beach themes, we just posted the new Project of the Month to our website, designed by the Lovely Lauren Meader! It features a faux sand-dollar...check it out!