Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let's Meet for Coffee!

Doesn't this card just make you want to go and get a nice grande skinny double pump sugar free decaf vanilla latte? (obviously I'm living in Seattle here, ha ha!) Yes, this would be my favorite drink. Luckily the baristas at my local Starbucks know me well enough that I don't have to repeat that order every time. Though sometimes I go crazy and leave out the "skinny" part. Oh yes.

And I have a confession, I LOVE Starbucks!!!! They have cool design, what can I say? And as a designer I can appreciate that. It's true. Plus the coffee is good. Luckily, since I do live in Seattle, there just happen to be a Starbucks, oh, on every freakin corner! I used to work downtown and it was so funny, we had a Starbucks about one minute away from the Smith Tower building where I worked that we used to go to, and then we ended up getting Starbucks in our building too. I guess they figured this way we'd only have to take the elevator to get there and save us that one minute walk out the building to the other Starbucks. ha ha. The crazy thing is that they are ALWAYS doesn't matter that you can find 5 Starbuck cafe's within a mile radius. They must be doing something right! (Hey I'm not complaining!)

Anyways, back to my card sample.... This is a great card to send to a friend. The sentiment reads "Coffee, Mocha, or Latte, Tall, Skinny, or Grande, I like you your way!" And I'm sure all my fellow Seattle-ites and/or coffee lovers can appreciate the sentiment ;)

Stamps: Simply Singles Latte Cup and Latte Saying, and Little Bits So Swirly
Cardstock: Stampin Up Close to Cocoa
Ink: Stampin Up Close to Cocoa and Chocolate Chip
Punch: Marvy Uchida Giga Scalloped Oval and Mega Oval


Lindsey said...

This is adorable!! I love the colors you used! :D

Meridith Anne Ethington said...

Oh how cute! I love this card! I can't wait for my scallop oval!!!